Thursday, April 26, 2012

Me and the Trees

My project with an NGO client takes me to the deep forests and far away places in Cambodia such that we supposedly need military escorts. Scary, yes. Exciting, yes. But inspite of all the dangers and thrills, it is the outcome of the awareness campaign that we do that is simply rewarding. )

Educating people about the importance of saving, conserving and preserving our Natural Resources is a cause worthy of any danger. The issue is not just local. It is encompassing. It is global.

Seeing them enlightened as to the urgency of keeping our Earth green, seeing them planting trees and affirming their resolve to protect and care for the environment is priceless.

I wish I could do more. If only I was Superman or Captain Planet ... 

Let's all contribute, in whatever ways we can, to make our Earth greener.