Sunday, January 15, 2012

Brush Strokes

As we continue on our location scouting trip, we again passed by Angkor Wat. This ancient city of ruins never fail to amaze me. Just imagine walking along the grounds were ancient Khmers walked, the thought of it is simply undefinable. It's like walking back in time as well.

We stopped at a local Khmer diner in front of Angkor Wat to have our lunch. After a hurried lunch, we again set off to do more scouting. As we were driving to another location, we passed by a quaint little shack near Angkor Wat which sells painting. My Khmer colleague decided to stop for a bit to buy a painting for his house. When I got out of our landcruiser, a kid of about 8 or 9 caught my attention. He was busily painting on a small canvas his version of the famous ancient city of Angkor.
I stopped by and said hello. He replied with a smile. I motioned to him  if I could try painting as well. He offered me his paint brush and pointed at the color palette on his right side. I dubbed the paint brush in what appears to be water, then dipped it in the color palette, got a little bit of a yellowish-greenish color in their and started to paint. And as I was just finishing off with a few brush strokes I thought to myself, "This is me painting a new chapter in my life."


  1. nice one. and what would your painting turn out to be?

  2. @blackrabit: Me and Mario Maurer :)