Friday, March 23, 2012


Remember that code? :)

Yes, I know I'm getting emo again. But hey, I didn't see you on your birthday, and you missed my greetings too. So I'm posting it here:

"On my part of the Earth, it's March 17, so here goes. To my sentence-finisher, my thought-reader, my soulmate, my person ... Happy Birthday! Distance has never been a hindrance to the kind of friendship we have and I am thankful that you are always with me whenever, wherever. So I'm wishing that may the years offer you abundance of blessings, happiness and good health.  Happy Birthday Millet. " 

And to add now that I saw you online, saving me the time to file a missing person's report. This is another personal note for you from me:

"You and me - we are like Grey and Yang. Yes, including the dramas, plus a few twists. You will always be my person. I'm just here you know that. Whenever. Wherever. Hugs to Mr. Hippo."

Listen to this. Hope it brings back very fond memories. You were the one who got me addicted to them in the first place. :)

I love you. And I'm just here. Always.